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            Traditional artisan watchmakers hone their craft over many years to create horological masterpieces.           They need to be a ‘master of all trades, not a master of one’ to craft timepieces of the highest artistic purity.
Absolute attention to detail at every stage in the creation of your timepiece happens if our master craftsman build one watch at a time, only then will they stamp the hallmark of approval on their work...
Designer, procurer of the finest materials, machinists of cases and dials, assembler, engraver, enameler and an eye for absolute detail all need to fuse together reveal the true character of a bespoke Glen Anthony watch.  If all that experience is not given time to unfold during the creation of your watch then the artisan has not succeeded.

We believe, just as Swiss watchmakers have over the centuries, that the dimension of time must be considered in the process. It is for this reason that the artisan doesn’t start work on another watch until his hallmark of craftsmanship and finish has been clearly stamped on his current work.

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but never rushed..