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At one time there was only the Dress Watch - The iconic timepiece standing the test of time,
with more than a cameo role in many a cult movie.

We pay homage to the dress watch with our ‘CLASSIC’ , but as creatives we never ‘switch off’
in expressing innovative design through our timepieces.
We don’t have ‘one best way’ to craft a concept, we draw inspiration from the world around us,and this is why our designs are truly unique.

Our ‘SYNCHRO’ range was the tireless development of a fully bespoke timepiece inspired by the engineering and aesthetic excellence of premium marque cars Glen worked with.

From the seed of an idea to the last detail in hand finishing, everyone here at Glen Anthony is involved.
Computer - aided design shapes the concept into a 3D real timepiece before,
fine horological craftsmanship transforms the timepiece from concept to creation.