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Capturing the essence of the race track…

The Glen Anthony family have a lifelong passion with motorsport.
If they are not carving the perfect corner in Northumberland on their bikes,
they can be seen at the race track supporting SGR Racing as sponsors
of the successful performance motor sport team
synonymous with the Podium Finish.

Working with premium marque performance cars and surrounded by
engineering excellence, the desire to combine this innovative design with
their other life long passion, horology, was irresistible.

Cars, racing and wristwatches have forged a strong bond since the 1920’s. Glen Anthony’s evolution from automotive engineers to professional horologists with the launch of their timepiece range, the driver inspired ‘SYNCHRO’ is testament to this symbiotic relationship.

The drivers watch,developed in the 1960’s with a reputation sealed by the iconic motor racing movies of that time, is a well established sector.
Change the LOOK the time it takes for an F1 pit stop.

The ‘Synchro’ range takes bespoke to new levels,not only by incorporating strong elements of the ‘mechanical’ in the design, but also the option to colour match your dial with your car paintwork, favourite F1 team colours, outfit, or anything colour that has meaning to you.


The strap connector needed to be a combination of style and substance. The style had to capture the texture,shape and form of engineering craft. Equally, the watch had to sit comfortably and securely on the wrist, not only when stationary,but when momentum caused stress to the connector.


Bezels solely define the style of the watch.
With the ‘SYNCHRO’ a range of stainless steel and titanium bezels were machined, and designed to allow interchangeability within minutes.

Interchangeable bezels aren’t new, however what is new,and reveals an appreciation of engineering excellence and absolute attention to detail is Glen Anthony’s imaginative approach to selecting drilled and skeleton performance brake discs as bezels, alongside the more traditional designs like the ‘CLASSIC’.


The straps are of the finest quality leather
and highest grades of stainless steel and rubber.
They can be switched over in seconds with the swivel strap connector.
Theres a strap to complement every vehicle type and colour.
Brown Leather for Vintage, Black Rally for performance,
Mesh Bracelet for premium marque
for authenticity at the race track,
there is even a rubber strap
with a tyre tread...