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Glen & Amanda 


When an engineers love for design and horological craftsmanship took hold, the mould was broken and Glen Anthony soon found it’s place, as creators of the finest bespoke timepieces...

Northumberland's heritage has been enriched artistically through the illustration and engraving of the Lindisfarne Gospels by Eadfrith, and industrially through the design of the steam locomotive ‘The Rocket’ by the accredited ‘Greatest Engineer of the 19th century’ - Robert Stephenson
Inspired by this spirit of independence in engineering and design, in the beginning, when Glen wanted a watch that he loved, he crafted it himself...

To own a Glen Anthony watch today is to own an object of art,
that encases all the know how and skills the Glen Anthony family have mastered.
Glen's background working with premium marque cars gave him an appreciation of the importance of engineering and aesthetic excellence. Surrounded by cars fabricated Cabin to Shell,with everything from Titanium to Carbon Fibre and coated in a fusion of colour and finishes, it was only time before he would channel this appreciation into his very own form of horological artistry.